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Los Angeles
Denmark  topic
Photo May 27, 12 04 54 AM.jpg  photo flag
Zuschauen bei Penektomie  topic
Last day's of rock hard raging wood's  photo flag
Gelded semi wood now  photo flag
Scrotum filled empty scrotum after gelded implants  photo flag
Last woods intact  photo flag
gelded cock now  photo flag
gelded got implants  photo flag
After R testicle cells were removed from tunic ...  photo flag
Intact stud still 19  photo flag
20 still intact  photo flag
Empty Scrotum after loosing them  photo flag
My New Cut  photo flag
Nullification  topic
Weird fantasy involving penectomy and amputation  topic
Opinions on female nullification  topic
Seeking contact with L.A. area people with pene...  topic
Cutter needed to make me a Quad Amputee  topic
old fashino cutting party this june  topic
old fashion cutting party this june  topic
Seeking mutual cutters in Los Angeles area.....  topic
looking to make friends with cutters  topic
injection in penis to damage  topic
Cutters Australia  topic

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