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topic posted Fri, September 27, 2013 - 7:46 AM by  Mace
how much would you pay to watch someone get fixed live over webcam?
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  • Mace, after watching your video, it would scare me to have you operate on me! Why bother to wear rubber gloves when the pubic hair, scrotum and just about all in the picture is not sterile. you are asking for a very high infection rate the way your exposure shows.
    • thats why i did it on my self. i know what i can do to my own bodie and how it can be done. but trust me when i fix someone they will be fully shaved and safe.
  • You pay my way there and back to Orlando or come here and do it I would let you cut both my testicles and my penis off including showing my face if that is what it took for you to do it free and u would even let you do whatever you wanted to them including but not limited to shoving them up my ass and then maybe even eat them on camera for you and your friends and fans to watch over and over again. Email me at to let me know if you are willing to do that or not. Thank you for giving me hope that there are people out there that would do this for me.

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