i want my balls removed

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looking for a female to remove my balls. i would like a small group to watch and take pix.
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    this I cant under stand. What do you want to get out of it . If you want your balls removed why will a man not do . Do you know what I think on this one . There seams to be no female's how can Castrate and by looking for one is like deep at the back of your mind you Know you will never find one so you will never be Castrated.
    If you are for real and is truly what you want it should not mater how is the cutter Male of Female
    • Amen, David: You are soo correct. I've been looking for any kind of cutter, for years. It seems my reinvigorated desire to become castrated, myself was right on the tails of an optimal time to easily locate a guy who knew how to do it, wherever I was living at the time. With the continued evolution of the internet, several arrests, and botched jobs arround the country, as well as those cutters who were NOT PAYING ATTENTION and got arrested by making themselves pub lically known.... The Field of available cutters, has almost nearly become non-existent.

      To look for a Dom Female, or any kind of female who would know what she is doing, is laughable. Yes there is one or two... they might even be part of these groups on Tribe, but they ain't going to be responding to your blatant advertising.. In their world you're a recepie for disaster. They'll never respond to this kind of post. Too much exposure by merely responding to it!

      You, who typed your orginial request seeking a woman to cut you, have by the very act guarranteed it'll never happen, at least here, anyway!!

      • i disagree, how is anyone able to make contact or reply to someone if they do not post there wishes and desires on a tribe or similar page ?? crystal balls are not common items of comunication yet kev and mind reading has to take place in close proximity !! any cutter male or female only has to inbox the person and request e mail addy to start chatting and sound out that person ! how would you , with your lifetime of knolage suggest people make contact .. maybe through an alien being ?? v pmsl
  • For me it isn't about the actual castration, it is about the entirety of the act and the aftermath. Like Kevin, I want a female cutter who will prepare me, remove them and control me afterwards if she wishes.
    • Read my response to Kevin's post... Then look at your's.... Sorry to say!!!---
      Good LUCK with your Fantasy Life, because that's all you're going to get out of making posts like this, seeking women to castrate you!

      • Fantasies are all well and good as fantasies but are not likely to become reality for any number of reasons. Castration is one area where many have fantasies about having it done but very few end up nutless. It does seem to be a contradiction to have sexual fantasies about losing your sexual ability, doesn't it? While a specific castration fantasy may have little likelihood of happening as imagined, it is at least conceivably possible. I know one eunuch who was castrated by his girlfriend and a female vet she knew so it COULD happen, just not very likely.

        The question comes down to is it more important to find the absolute perfect scenario to be castrated for your fantasy or is the important goal simply to have your testes removed? My wife and I chose the latter when castration became a viable option for me.
      • I would not mind a woman to castrate me ..neuter me...if she was qualified, like she was a nurse or some medical training. Castration is easy, it can be done in 20 minutes if done correctly and safely! I am looking to get castrated too and have not found anyone in California that will do it!
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    i have fond a nurse that is willing to remove one testicle. i have scheduling a appointment with her next week for an exam and then we will talk about my removal of my testicle.
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      I seen her yesterday and if i become her sub she will castrate me on new years eve. i will be the center of her party. i want to do a background check on her. any one have a way to check on her to see if she is really a nurse?
      • If you have her real name (don't mention it here) you can verify it on the website the state you live in has available to verify nursing licenses. If the location your provide in your profile is correct, I took a quick look at an online verification is available if you can get her real name.
        • Oh, and keep in mind that just because she is a nurse it doesn't mean she is legally able to perform this procedure. If she does, she's practicing medicine without a license - Nurses DO NOT practice medicine, they. practice nursing. BIG DIFFERENCE.

          Your advantage in letting a nurse help you with this is they have SOME knowledge of what to do, but don't take it as their being qualified to do it
      • i know in my state, we have a website, that i can check, it is called i can check on the background, of any one. crime record, so on and so forth, i don't know about ur state, but u could try. good luck.
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    i have seen my nurse every week know. she gives me am exam to see if i can reach a orgasm and then a injection of Depo-Provera. i can not reach orgasm any more. i cant wait for my master to castrate me.
    • Wow, a DP injection every week. I understand that is the dose typically administered to sex criminals to castrate them. My wife and her sister gave me an injection every month and it was pretty effective in killing off my libido and ability. I did relish the humiliation and submission when they had me strip and bend forward over a chair for the injection to castrate me. We did this for several years before I agreed to surrender my testicles to her. They were removed about 3 years ago and I can still have orgasms. They can be surprisingly intense but my little penis doesn't get erect nor do I ejaculate anything. The downside is that they aren't very frequent- maybe once every 3 weeks or so. It takes some effort to get off and sometimes I just lose interest before going that far.

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