Ejaculation at moment of castration

topic posted Fri, September 14, 2012 - 10:08 PM by  ozzy
Fro those experienced, I was wondering how common and achievable ejaculation wold be at the moment of castration.
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    Fri, September 14, 2012 - 11:25 PM
    I dont really know much, but from what ive been told and read, your still able to have orgasms and even cum after having your testicles cut off, it takes a bit before you are shooting blanks. but thats all ive been told about it.
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      Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

      Sat, September 15, 2012 - 5:57 AM
      You need help to get hard . You would need to take T and yes you could come . But the little liquid that you shot is only Prostate fluid . There might be some sperm just after you are Castrated how ever once toy shot your load is gone and that's that. you wont be shooting Blanks there is no sperm Only Prostate fluid
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        Sat, September 15, 2012 - 6:39 AM
        I meant at the moment of being castrated, not time after the cut. and by blanks I meant no semen
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          Sat, September 22, 2012 - 11:40 AM
          i would love to be wanked off by a woman and cum as she cuts off my testicles , having her first bring out the testicles from the scrotum then brong me off while they re outside , as i cum she clamps and cuts them free to do as she pleases with them ... ideal just need to find her now!!
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    Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

    Sat, September 15, 2012 - 6:13 AM
    I shot as I was being castrated, and still do five years later just prostrate fluid. The amount has NOT reduce any just on seamen present at all. Most believe that ejaculation isn't possible but is even without H R T. Yes it's more and erections are stronger with it. Some people will lose all without H R T and some don't. That is a case by case bases tho. Just to remove some misconceptions that some have about after castration. To answer your question yes you can ejaculate during, and by your third afterwards you'll have some seamen. After that it's all blanks!!!
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      Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

      Sat, September 15, 2012 - 7:12 AM
      The question was: Do men can cum at the moment (during theirs castration) theirs balls are cut off? I've heard few stories about it. I've seen a video where the cutter let the guys J.O. and cum before he cut his balls. If the guy is not in pain, I guess it's possible. I've also seen a video where the guy was in full erection during his castration but I guess most men would remain flaccid. I've often thought about it but I really don't know if I could remain hard during my castration, perhaps at the biginning. Cumming after castration when the T level has dropped to castration level is possible but VERY HARD, because erections are very difficult to acheive (no control over them) and the interest for sex isn't there any more. While I was on chemical castration (8 y.), every 4 months I used to weak up with a soffty but even though I'd try to J.O. my cock would go soft within few seconds. About once a year just out of curiousity, if I'd try VERY HARD to J.O., losing and gaining my erection I could have a weak orgasm with few drops of cum after 1/2 hour, I was exhousted. not much pleasurable certainly not worth the effort. When men are out of testosterone it doen't matter if they can't get hard or cum and that's cool.
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        Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

        Sat, September 15, 2012 - 2:19 PM
        there are a lot of guys on this site how want castration as some ultimate sexual act and I think these men would cum as the balls are removed . if you put your self in there position , they would be very sexually excited and would not be able or even want to stop them self's from cumming .
        I band my self a lot and when that band snaps on to my the top of my ball sack I get hard and wet. I cant help it. Is ironic that when you are trying to damage or kill of your balls your body gets sexually excited.
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        Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

        Sun, October 21, 2012 - 12:07 AM
        a Cavaject injection was supposedly used to keep the guy's dick hard in the most familiar video--the guy really wanted to stay hard and didn't want to risk it; the cutter offered the same for me--with my exposed balls nailed down before the final cum and cord slices. know i can shoot w/my balls nailed down, but the rest is a hotter fantasy than reality for me...said no thanks, with a hard dick.
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      Sat, September 22, 2012 - 11:34 AM
      Sory people. I said "At the point of castration".
      I'd love to hear from those who did ar who have seen a guy ejaculate as the testicle is cut off.
      I cum watching castration videos. I cun right at the point that the cords are cut.
      Id just love to know how achievable it is for the person being cut to cum at that moment too.
      It is my dream to aat least try to cum as I am being cut.

      I was not refering to the long term after effects.
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        Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

        Sat, September 22, 2012 - 12:02 PM
        That's one thing I'd like to experience. I'll make sure not to ejaculate for 2 weeks before. perhaps some stamina like bees polen right before castration and Viagra to stay hard. Who knows if this works that'd be a great ending.
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        Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

        Wed, January 23, 2013 - 10:47 AM
        i mean, during cuming is the onest moment, in which you are able to be castrated without anasthetics. i believe you are able to cut off your eggs in this moment: tieying your ballsac, setting a knife a way behind the banding point, yerking with one hand, in the other hand a hammer, and during cuming beat with the hammer at the the knifes back.
        and your aggs will roll over the table or board. and you will feel no pain of castrating, because you during cuming cant feel some pain...
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        Sat, March 9, 2013 - 5:50 AM
        That is so Cool, Because you cum at the point of seeing a guy castrated, I have always cum at the point I see I guys cords cut as well, and I have always wanted a guy watching my castration to blow his load on my nuts at that point of liberation.
        Ozzy, I would love to have you as a guest at my castration, to see you blow off at that point, want to Cum, Buddy. NICE?
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    Re: Ejaculation at moment of castration

    Wed, October 3, 2012 - 2:40 PM
    It's my dream. Shot my last fertile sperm while the tied cords are being cut.
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      Mon, February 4, 2013 - 3:44 PM
      It is only fantasy, Even if you masturbate intensely your semen will be able to impregnate a woman pregnant for 2 or even more weeks after castration.
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        Mon, February 4, 2013 - 4:11 PM
        Sperm is stored in the cauda region of the epididmis for 2-3 months as they mature to the point where they can swim. The epididmis is a single, narrow, tightly-coiled tube that is at the rear of each tecticle. If the Vas deferens to the testicle is cut or crushed the sperm has no way of getting through and at that moment the man is infertile.
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          Sat, February 9, 2013 - 6:24 AM
          You write about maturation but mature sperms are stored in seminal vesicles.
          After vasectomy the surgeons usualy advise to continue a contaception during 3 or more weeks, or until the two sperm tests will show no sperms in the sample. It take some time and ejaculations to flush all sperms from the seminal vesicle where it is stored.
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            Sat, February 9, 2013 - 12:31 PM
            Sperm is stored in the epididmis until the moment of ejaculation. It travels through the Vas deferens to the ejaculatory duct, where it is mixed with fluid from the seminal vesicle. Sperm is temperature sensitive and needs to be stored at a slightly cooler temperature then average body temperature, which is why the testicles hang outside of the body, and why they lower in heat and contract when cold.
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    Sun, October 21, 2012 - 9:52 AM
    It certainly is possible but is not likely unless it is a voluntary castration and the patient is awake. One of my favorite pic is of a guy being castrated is a series where one testicle is cut off and placed on a doily on a small silver plate. The second one is removed from the scrotum and tied off, ready to be snipped free. Then his penis is untaped from his pubis and he begins to masturbate. It was kinky to see him holding the plate in his left had with one bloody testicle on it, masturbating with his right hand and his remaining testicle is hanging out of his scrotum, tied off and ready to be cut free. I often wondered if he tried to quickly orgasm or hold back and resist the inevitable? Eventually he started to cum and while he was ejaculating, the castration was completed. There were two bloody testicles on the proper while doily as he was still ejaculating some of the last of his fertile semen on his belly. Yes, I masturbated a number of times imagining myself in a similar situation.

    I was awake during my castration but it was in a hospital setting and masturbation was not an option. In addition, my arms were strapped down so I couldn't move much and the spinal block anesthetic would probably made it impossible anyways. I did have a symbolic last orgasm the evening before my surgery which was wonderfully rewarding and memorable but not at the moment I was unmanned. Years later, orgasms are still possible but not often and I still can ejaculate a couple drops of clear, seedless juice.
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    Sat, December 1, 2012 - 11:58 AM
    I was right there with a hardon that seemed just on the verge of exploding as I cut off my last ball. However, also just at that point the cutter decided to start suturing my incisions. And unfortunately the local anesthetic was wearing out, and there was considerable pain. I lost it and never did cum as I was being castrated. I need to add that I was glad to have got where I did. Having a steel-hard dick or being at the verge of an orgasm at the moment of castration isn't something I planned on.

    I do HRT and now have just a normal male sex life. Sometimes though I still get hard and orgasm when I recall those moments as I was being castrated.
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    Wed, January 23, 2013 - 7:40 AM
    For me i thought i would be hard and cum close to cutting time as i had cum 2 times the morning of my castration
    however it was not sexy or erotic once on the table and i was not hard. it was very painful and i used a boxers mouth
    piece to help with pain. the fact is with a vet who does it for a living it did happen fast even tho it hurt
    and once the spermatic chords were cut and ball was free the pain stopped right away or the severe pain anyway.

    during the many years leading up to my castration i had jerked off to cumming while being cut but the reality is
    it didnt work that way.
    3 days later as i was healing and realized what i had done i started to get hard but it pulled the stitches
    and went soft.

    with no testrone i no longer get hard and only mentally think of cumming

    its a little different than i expected after
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    Fri, February 15, 2013 - 12:23 AM
    When I had BME membership I saw a nice set of pics (not a video) of a castration and the guy losing his nuts held the tray for the cutter to place the severed testicles in. As the final nut was severed he had a nice final ejaculation. He maintained a nice hard cock throughout the entire cutting. That is the only one I have seen documented. When mine were castrated I was sedated and the cock was quite limp and I was not aroused or even that awake.
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    Thu, March 7, 2013 - 5:53 PM
    I was castrated in 2010. It is possible to cum large amounts of fluid as long as you stay on hormone replacement. Doing it at the moment of castration is a matter of timing. Several urologists have explained to me, and I know this to be true, that most of the ejaculate fluid is made in the seminal vesicles. The amount that comes out is the same as that of a person that has had a vasectomy. Please take my advice and be certain that castration is what you want. I regret it every day but mine had to be done for medical reasons.

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