testical banding

topic posted Thu, August 30, 2007 - 9:55 PM by  brian
How long do i have to keep a real tight band on my testicals so as i will stop cumming, and can you still get a erection, after your balls are banded for an extended period of time
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    Re: testical banding

    Tue, September 4, 2007 - 8:09 AM
    i believe the cumming isnt stopped by banding your balls. The most part of our cume juice comes from the prostata. I had made my vasectomy many years ago(after our forth child), by removing 2 inches of my semen cords at each site. By the way it was a high exciting act! After this i saw and feeled no differenc in mass and intensity of cuming! so you will not realize less semen juice during cuming with banded balls. And so you also will have only a little less juice after the ball removal during orgasm. The great difference after castration is, that the erection isnt so easy. In the arabian harems the castrated man ( with dicks yet, only without eggs) was very be loved by the wifes: because they could longtime fucks the wifes without problems after. I find the greatest problem is to go naked without balls. I realize for me this with my splitted cock: i fear always that somebody will lough...

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